Janam Patrika Analysis

Accurate Birth Chart To Know The Exact Planetary Positions. Detailed Insights About Your Actual Talents & Skills, Career, Business, Wealth & much more.

Kundli is generally known as birth chart or horoscope or janam patrika of a person which is commonly prepared at the time of birth of a child. In modern time, it is imperative to make a kundali because everyone wants to have a janampatri of a newly born child. It can be prepared after the birth at any stage of life and is useful for taking important decisions of life. As such, in vedic astrology, it is important to have an exact date, time and place for preparing a precise kundli for anyone. The kundali has 12 houses which are represented by 12 zodiac signs which highlight the important aspects of life.

The various planets and nakshatras are positioned in the different houses in a particular zodiac which are helpful to know the benefic or malefic effect on one’s life. It is important that the kundli is prepared by an expert vedic astrologer to have the perfect and precise information from the rightly placed planets, nakshatras and related information in the kundli. The detailed janam kundali contains various charts like hora, shodashvarga, navamsha, dash chart etc. Including the main birth chart. These charts of janmakshar are required for analyzing and also to have accurate and precise details to anticipate the beneficial or difficult time span ahead in the future of a particular person in his or her life.